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 cultural sciences

  Extensive link-collection of sources in anthropology, including linguistics and archeology. By Bernard-Olivier Clist.

  Links on the web-page of the American Anthropological Association.

  Excellent meta-collection of topical internet guides, among others on the categories "Arts & Humanities" and "Social Sciences & Social Issues".

  Broad introduction to anthropology in Spanish language: text file, events schedule, forums, online museum, links.

  Numerous links for cultural studies. By Robin Markowitz.

  Numerous links to regional philosophies, intercultural philosophy, and multiculturalism. By Bruce Janz.

  Network with numerous links for research and cooperation in cultural development.

  Collection of resources on the topic of diversity. By the University of Maryland.

  Numerous links for the study of ancient civilisations in the Near East, Egypt, India, China, Greece, Rome, the Islamic world, and medieval Europe.

  Extensive link-collection on human rights, mainly from a political view.

  Detailed link-collection on indigenous studies.

  Fantastic link-collection of historic sources in a broad sense. Main foci: African, East-Asian, Indian, Islamic, Jewish, women's, and world history, as well as history of sciences, etc. By Paul Halsall.

  Small collection of regional philosophy and multiculturalism. By Frank Edler.

  Numerous links to migration and ethnicity.

  Numerous links to cultural studies with main focus on the USA. By Paul Gorski.

  Extensive link-collection including four sections: "America", "African America", "Multicultural Voices" and "Culture Theory" (Postcolonialism, Postmodernism, Multiculturalism). By Will Karkavelas.

  Extensive internet guide on history and manifestations of mysticism in various cultures, religions and philosophies. By Gene R. Thursby.

  Extensive link-collection on nationalism including topics such as globalism, macro-cultures, nation-states, ethno-nationalism and local-patriotism. By Paul Treanor.

  Overview and links to resources in US-American research.

  Extensive, partly commented link-collection for religious studies. By Adrien Desjardins.

  Numerous links with main focus on USA. By the Library of Congress.

  A detailed internet guide to semiotics. By Martin Ryder.

  Very well organized, searchable and commented information system on resources in social sciences in a broad sense.

  Extensive internet guide to social science resources. By Fred W. Riggs.

  Numerous links to anthropology. By Alan Liu.

  Very extensive link-collection on themes such as historiography, popular culture, cyberculture, postmodernity, postcolonialism, (neo-)marxism, globalism, sociology, theory of technology. By Alan Liu.

  Very extensive collection of general links to humanities. By Alan Liu.

  Numerous links to religious sciences in general and the great religions of the world, with emphasis in Christian confessions. By Alan Liu.

  Extensive searchable link-collection in professional design.

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