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The directory comprises only links to free available on-line journals on intercultural philosophy, regional philosophies and cultural sciences in intercultural perspective.

Other scholarly journals on the internet can be searched by the Electronic Journals Library:
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Here you will find information about the print editions of polylog:

The Austrian print journal
polylog: Zeitschrift für interkulturelles Philosophieren:
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The Indian print journal
Satya Nilayam. Chennai Journal for Intercultural Philosophy:
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  Internet version of a print journal, with critical reviews of philosophical publications in Spanish language.

  Internet version of a print journal for philosophy, philosophy of science, and culture theory, with a large text collection.

  Scientific journal ("Central Asia and Culture of Peace") on socio-political issues in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia, peace studies and conflict prevention.

  Quarterly newsletter with event announcements and information on new publications, journals, internet resources and research programmes.

  International journal from Canada with contributions on the current debate about theory and practice of culture and technology, especially from the media area. Weekly updates.

  An interdisciplinary semi-annual journal on Marxist theory and practice from the US, with contributions on problems of economic and cultural globalization.

  Mexican journal for philosophy of culture, frecuently in intercultural perspective.

  Philosophical journal from Italy, with sporadic contributions on subjects of intercultural relevance.

  Iranian journal on issues of intercultural and interreligious dialogue, published by the International Centre for Dialogue Among Civilizations.

  Journal for religious studies from Great Britain, with contributions especially on Asian religions. Part of the Internet Journal of Religion.

  Journal for cultural studies from Colombia, with focal themes on philosophy, postcolonial theory, literary criticism und cultural studies in the Latin American context.

  Scholarly journal from the US on intercultural themes, with emphasis on the interaction across cultures.

  Scholarly journal from the US on East Asia, with some contributions of philosophical interest.

  Scholarly journal from the US, based on e-mail.

  Journal on international political theory, with special emphasis on global justice.

  Journal for political science from Great Britain and the US on topical aspects of subjects like minority rights, collective identity, ethnic conflicts, international relations, globalization, nationalism, etc.

  Interdisciplinary monthly from Latin America on economy, society and culture with sporadic theoretical or philosophical contributions on the subject of globalization.

  Internet version of the print journal of the same name on philosophical activities in the German-speaking countries, with some contributions on issues of intercultural philosophy.

  Scholarly journal from the US for the interdisciplinary debate on political and social injustice in theory and practice.

  This international journal from Sweden aims to support research, education and training in intercultural communication.

  A forum on social change and cultural diversity from Australia.

    Interdisciplinary journal from Germany for intercultural studies in theory and practice with some contributions of philosophical interest.

  Irregularly publicated journal for the members of the Asiatica Association, also available as print journal.

  Interdisciplinary journal in social sciences on multiculturalism, minority rights, and migration.

  High-quality journal for religious and cultural theory, appears thrice a year.

  International journal from Norway for the study of Islamic cultures, Arabic literature and language.

  Extensive journal from the USA on Buddhist ethics.

  Journal from Israel for the international discussion of human rights.

  Interdisciplinarily oriented journal for religious studies from the US, on historical and contemporary religions and religious communities worldwide.

  Semi-annual journal for African and African Diaspora philosophy and studies, published by Africa Resource Center.

  Journal from Israel for the international discussion of human rights.

  Cultural journal on postcolonialism from the US, with sporadic contributions of philosophical relevance.

  Philosophical journal from Italy, with several contributions on subjects of intercultural philosophy.

  Argentinian quarterly for philosophical and cultural pluralism.

  Philosophical journal from Austria with special issues on different philosophical themes.

  Journal for religious studies from Germany with sporadic contributions on inter-religious aspects. Part of the Internet Journal of Religion.

    Extensive e-journal from Australia on humanities, literature and arts with different focal themes, often of interest for intercultural philosophy.

  Irregularly published journal from Uruguay for the analysis and critique of cultural themes in philosophy and related fields.

  Cultural journal from Germany with contributions on arts, literature, society and philosophy, sometimes of interest for intercultural philosophy.

  Bimonthly journal from Mexico on Latin American philosophy and culture.

  Interdisciplinary journal from the US on cultural themes in a postmodern perspective; appears thrice a year.

    Philosophical semi-annual journal from Africa.

  Spanish publication for the analysis of issues of international politics and reality, with frequent contributions on multicultural subjects.

  Journal for the discussion of philosophy and culture in Cuba and Latin America; appears thrice a year.

    Transdisciplinary journal from Canada for the study of the transformation of cultural knowledge in the course of globalization.

      Journal from Austria for the discussion of transdisciplinary approaches in the field of cultural sciences, literature and linguistics.

  Quarterly publication from Great Britain for the dialogue between Eastern, Western and Islamic Philosophy and Mysticism.

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