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  English translations of important Buddhist terms. By Paul Trafford.

  Comprehensive lexicon of some important terms of traditional Chinese philosophy. By Bryan W. Van Norden.

  Large searchable dictionary with some thousand entries on Chinese, Japanese and Korean Buddhism. By Charles Muller.

  Comprehensive glossary of Arabic terms in Muslim philosophy. By Muhammad Hozien.

  Small lexicon of terms from the thematical area of "diversity".

  Small lexicon of Buddhist terms. By Bryan W. Van Norden.

  Comprehensive glossary of Islamic terms. By Islamic Server of Muslim Students Association at University of Southern California (MSA-USC).

  Comprehensive glossary of Pali terms.

  Searchable glossary of Sanskrit terms in the work of Sri Aurobindo.

  Glossary with almost 200 terms from Asian philosophy. Part of the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. By James Fieser.

  Glossary of conceptions and terms from ethnicity research, on telnet basis.

  Small lexicon of frequent terms in intercultural communication. By Stephan Dahl.

  Searchable encyclopedia of general philosophical terms, also from non-European philosophy. By James Fieser and his team..

  Comprehensive lexicon of Confucianism. By Lao Sze-kwang.

  Small lexicon on the subject of globalization in mainly political-economical perspective. By R.F.M. Lubbers.

  Searchable general encyclopedia of philosophy by an international editorial team. Edited by Edward N. Zalta.

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