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  Forum for the exchange of views, experiences, and information pertaining to the philosophical thought of African and African-diaspora cultures.

  List for the promotion of research and scholarly interchange on ethnic minorities, minority rights and ethnic conflicts.

  List for the exchange of information regarding academic resources, new research projects, scholarly publications, university job listings, and so forth, for specialists in Buddhist Studies.

  List for scholarly discussion of ethnic history and migration studies; also makes available diverse bibliographical, research and teaching aids.

  List for scholars, policymakers, authors, etc. devoted to the history, analysis, theory, and practice of human rights.

  List for scholarly discussion on historical and contemporary peace, justice, and disarmament concerns.

  Multilingual mailing list on events, calls, and further information from a broad field of intercultural philosophy.

  List for the discussion in political science and related disciplines about race, ethnicity and politics.


themes literature agenda archive anthology calendar links profile

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